-Jose Rodruigez

"An amazing artist, that keeps producing amazing art! There has not been a piece of art he's ever created for me that disappointed. Left me speechless time and time again."

-Lacey Teets

"Chad's work is unique, beautifully executed and truly holds a perspective all it's own. I have ordered commissions that are above and beyond any expectation. Chad's style is something every art collector or character enthusiast should have on their wall."

None of this is possible without YOU

Chad Heinrich started actively appearing on the West Coast Comicon circuit back in 2013, starting with his first show Amazing Arizona Comic Con, he has since worked the last 5 years to make it into Comic-Con International. Making absolutely unforgettable memories, friends, and network connections. Without YOU none of this is possible, and thanks to all of you Chad gets to pursue his dreams everyday. 

Satisfied Customers

San Diego Comic Con/Comic-Con International 2017
Chad Heinrich and Brian Pulido of Coffin Comics

-Jarrod Weise

"Chad is without question the most talented artist of our time. Not since DaVinci have we seen this level of artistry. I've curated several pieces from the Heinrich collection and frequently spend time marveling at them. It would be wise to select a piece for your collection before the major galleries do."


‚ÄčThe Art of Chad Heinrich

Freelance Illustrator