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We have been hard at work refining our brand and putting together our own book that will launch on kickstarter this October! Please visit our other site as well!

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"A few years ago I had a CRAZY idea for a blank cover. Not only was he the only artist at the expo who took on my challenge he completely blew me away with his art. To this day it is still my favorite piece. Awesome guy. Awesome art. If you have the chance to meet him and see his work in person DO IT!"


-Charles Russell Murdock Jr.

"Requested a piece for the character my son was named after. Chad was extremely excited to do it as it was a character he hadn't done before. Ronan the Accuser came out far better than anticipated and I am extremely satisfied with the final piece. 10/10 will commission again!"

-Salvador Gallardo


The Art of Chad Heinrich

Freelance Illustrator

Chad Heinrich is a self taught aspiring comic book artist located in Phoenix Arizona. Published by FaerieMetal Photography, Counterpoint Comics and more.

Chad Heinrich Art is proudly run by Husband and Wife team, Chad and Tiffany Heinrich! For inquiries on Commission availability or upcoming appearance info click the more button to contact us!